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Estimates Estimates

You know what your time and products are worth so ensuring this is communicated to your client is crucial. Adnet v5 allows you to enter these values against every element of a job as well as allocating percentage mark-ups, time cost rates and set sales values. It then sets to work calculating your sales figures for you. Your business will vary from everyone else's so we have built in flexibility for you to name and factor in any elements you choose.

This means v5 will individually fit to any job or project, or you can use one of our intelligently pre-designed templates so you can hit the ground running. The final estimate/quote can then be emailed out to your client or printed on one of your company documents.

Client timing plan

Client timing plan Client timing plan

Your clients will always have deadlines to meet so it's important to show them how their project will progress and let them know that it will be completed by the best people and on schedule.

With the Client Timing Plan all the activities involved with their job can be directly entered in, or can be loaded from a pre-defined template. You can specify how long each activity will take, the start and finish time, who is responsible for each section, lock and link activities to make sure nothing slips or gets forgotten and then let v5 draw up the timing plan for you. With such a complete schedule your clients can always be rest assured that their project is in safe hands.

Resource scheduling

Resource scheduling Resource scheduling

It's great to let your client know exactly what time and resources are being put into their job by using the Client Timing Plan, but it's just as important for you to know and plan what time and resources are being used within your company. Using v5's Resource Scheduling you can view and control who does what and when; your entire studio, a department or individuals. Conveniently colour coded to your liking, see at the touch of button how much resource you have available to fit in that last-minute or unexpected job.

Financial management

Financial management Financial management

The cornerstone to any company's success is ensuring they make a profit, so knowing what costs you have going out versus costs coming in is vital. Adnet v5 allows you to see on screen in real-time actual costs compared against budgeted costs and keep a tab on your percentage of profit. It also takes all the hassle out of matching Supplier costs to Purchase Orders and automatically provides you with Accrual, Work In Progress and Profitability values. For all those little extras, the electronic expenses sheet will update all your expense costs onto the client's job details. All this and more can then be seamlessly linked into your existing accounting system meaning that you don't have to worry about duplicating all your financial information.

Time recording

Time recording Time recording

Adnet v5 recognises that your time equates to your money, so accurately recording what time your company spends with which clients is imperative. We realise that most creatives find recording how long they have spent on any one piece of work a tiresome chore, especially as they are often on generic or non-relevant timesheets.

That's why the Time Recording tool has made it not only simple, accurate and easy to use - but also desirable. Each individual's time can be quickly entered into the Time Recorder, or can be accrued in real-time using the clock timesheet as they work. You assign the cost and charge-out rates allocated to each person and even materials used. This can be client or assignment specific, and once the creative puts in which type of task and how long they have spent, the job is updated and easily checked. Of course, not all time spent is job or client related: internal meetings, admin and sickness are just as important to keep a track of which is why v5 allows you to see the complete picture.


Reporting Reporting

With so much going on in your business it's important that you can view the information you need quickly and easily, that's why v5 allows you to produce and control more than 40 reports. From a standard job list to the intricate details of a transaction you can regulate what information is shown, whether it's within a date range, client specific or a selection of jobs. You can either then produce a printed document, an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file giving you the flexibility and visibility to create and access any of the information you need in any necessary way.

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